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Photo: Lukas Beck

Schulz Archetype Music

About Us

“If only the whole world could feel the power of harmony.”
W. A. Mozart

Archetype Music was developed by the Viennese composer and conductor Emanuel Schulz.

With his novel and innovative method, we analyse companies and people according to archetypal aspects and transform these findings into tailor-made compositions.

In addition to these exclusive musical pieces, we also offer corporate seminars based on Emanuel’s groundbreaking method.

Together with Elisabeth Schulz, he has successfully offered Schulz Archetype Music in corporate seminars, corporate compositions, consultations, sound concepts, health seminars and lectures for:

  • Hotel Imperial Vienna
  • Schönbrunn Palace Vienna
  • Hirsch Bracelets Klagenfurt
  • Club e-Lux Paris at the Ritz Paris
  • Unesco Club Vienna
  • Hotel Bristol Vienna
  • Starwood Luxury Collection
  • Stanglwirt Kitzbühel
  • Goldenes Kreuz Private Clinic Vienna
  • St. Josef Hospital Vienna
  • Unum Institute Vienna
  • LSZ Consulting
  • Pancontrol
  • Ecoduna AG
  • Vienna Boys‘ Choir

Photo: Lukas Beck

The Team

The Viennese composer and conductor Emanuel Schulz has conducted concerts at the Vienna Musikverein, the Vienna Konzerthaus, the Tokyo City Opera and the Vienna State Opera. He has received commissions for compositions from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the Vienna Boys’ Choir and composed Corporate Music for companies and brands such as Starwood Luxury Collection Hotels (Imperial Vienna, Bristol Vienna) and Hirsch Bracelets GmbH. He designed the sound concepts for the Christmas-, New Years- and Easter markets at Schönbrunn Palace Vienna.

Theatre / Film / Musical
: Emanuel Schulz composed several musicals and archetype operas with performances at Vienna Musikverein, Vienna Kammeroper, Dschungel Wien Museumsquartier and MuTh. For TEV – Theatre of eternal values he created music for “Hamlet – The Movie”, “Mahabharata” and “William Blake’s Divine Humanity” (New Players Theatre London).  

As the “house and court composer” of the Hotel Imperial Vienna he creates Individual Compositions (“Your personal note”) for hotel guests. 

Since 2003 Emanuel Schulz has been artistic director of Mozart Castle Stuppach and conductor of the Vienna Mozart Concerts. Deciphering the secret codes in Mozart’s music was one of the key elements in the development of Schulz Archetype Music.

Emanuel Schulz on Wikipedia

Elisabeth Schulz is a music therapist specialising in Indian music therapy. Together with Emanuel Schulz she developed “Feelharmony – Healing Music” and held health seminars at the following institutions: Goldenes Kreuz Private Clinic Vienna, St. Josef Hospital Vienna, Hotel Stanglwirt Kitzbühel, Unum Institute Vienna, Nirmal Arts Academy (Liguria, Italy), Summer Academy Allegro Vivo, Hotel Abitart Rome.

As a singer, pianist and cellist she has performed at the Vienna Musikverein, Vienna Konzerthaus, Bösendorfersaal Vienna, Riverside Theatre New York, Schloss Heiligenkreuz and Mozart Schloss Stuppach.