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Method - Schulz Archetype Music

Photo: Vera Subkus

The Schulz Method

“a unique analysis tool for deciphering the musical DNA of individuals and companies”
Nigel Powell,
Sunday Times author & journalist

The Schulz Method is a unique analysis tool that uses the power of music to unlock the strongest archetypal qualities of a company or person.

With his method, Emanuel Schulz has mathematically linked the system of music theory with human character traits in psychology, which C. G. Jung calls archetypes.

Archetypes are primordial characters of human existence and have been stored in our unconscious since birth. Specially composed pieces of music serve as a key to reveal this previously unused potential.

Recognising these qualities as part of one’s own identity strengthens

  • Self-esteem
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-love

This new experience also leads to greater respect for other people, as we recognise which valuable qualities unite and distinguish us.

Therefore it is the perfect tool for team or group seminars of any kind.

The Schulz Archetype Code

The Schulz Archetype Code combines the logic of Western music theory with the analytical psychology of C. G. Jung. Other components are the knowledge of Indian music therapy and the secret codes of Mozart’s music.

Circle of fifths

Healing music

The compositions based on this method have a healing effect on our nervous system and a direct influence on our limbic system. Therefore, they can be used to control and influence our feelings and thoughts.

The musical self-discovery test, created and composed by Emanuel Schulz, reveals your strongest archetypes and can answer questions about your current life situation. Through the power of music you will learn fascinating secrets about your innermost being and receive a task for your current life situation.

As company music – Corporate Signature Music can transport messages and increase customer identification.

The Schulz Archetype Code can be explained with the laws of music theory, but above all it has been tested, applied and experienced in practice by thousands of people in seminars, workshops, music meditations and individual consultations.

The Schulz Archetype Code has been successfully used to create customised music (Corporate Signature Music & Individual Compositions), corporate seminars (team building, leadership, mindfulness, stress management), musical health seminars (Feelharmony – musical health experience) and individual consultations.

“If only the whole world could feel the power of harmony”.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Mozart Oracle

A special version of the Schulz Archetype Code is the musical personality test with compositions by W. A. Mozart. Emanuel Schulz has unlocked the secrets in Mozart’s music and uses the power of the Mozart Effect for this unique self-analysis tool that can provide answers to many of life’s questions. In the Mozart Oracle, Mozart comes alive through his music and communicates with us by answering questions about our current life situation.