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Consultations - Schulz Archetype Music

Photo: Nadia Petrakova

Private Consultations

Archetype Experience

“Schulz Archetye Music” offers you the unique experience of a Musical Personality Test to find out more about yourself and your unknown potential. Learn how to achieve your goals and solve your problems by uncovering the secret of your inner archetypes.

One aim of the individual counselling is to improve your personal life situation, to find out what task lies ahead of you and which archetypes you need to develop in order to master your challenges.
Experiencing your inner archetypes increases your self-esteem and self-confidence as well as your respect for others. Therefore, this method serves both self-analysis and the search for your own unique place in society.

Photo: Nadia Petrakova

Musical Self-discovery-tool

Through the musical self-discovery test, the client discovers both his strongest qualities and his weaknesses. For the first time, special, newly composed music is used to analyse the individual’s personality.

You will learn about your inner world, your inner archetypes and their correspondence to your emotions and body sensations. The positive effect of specially composed music on our emotions, our psyche and on our body is made noticeable. With these compositions we bring your unconscious into your consciousness.
The archetypes selected through the musical self-discovery test form a combination that makes up the archetype code. There are 192 possible results for your main archetypes alone, and you get a full, detailed analysis of your personality. Each outcome is so unique that no two outcomes are ever the same.
After getting the result  you are given the task for your present life-situation. With these new insights you will be able to integrate the newly discovered qualities into your daily life.