Compositions - Schulz Archetype Music

Photo: Vera Subkus

Tailor-made Compositions

for Companies & Individuals

1. Customised Music – Corporate Sound Branding

Experience the unique sound of your company.

Customised corporate music creates a unique identity, sets you apart from the competition and increases customer loyalty.

With Schulz Archetype Music we create a memorable sound world for you and your company. Our music reflects the character values and identity of your company.

Photo: Vera Subkus

We create customised compositions, soundscapes, jingles, sound logos and signature music to permanently establish your brand in the acoustic world.

To do this, we use the “Musical Personality Test” method developed by Emanuel Schulz. This gives us the opportunity to analyse the qualities of your company according to archetypal aspects and to set them to music.

“The result of the personality test forms the basis for a piece of
music which could not be more tailor-made.”
ORF – “Vienna Today”

  • Music creates customer identification
  • Music controls our emotions
  • Music controls our thoughts
  • Music transports messages

Archetypes as the core of your brand

Both people and companies have archetypal personality traits, which psychologist Carl Gustav Jung calls archetypes. The most famous people and works of art are so popular because they represent certain archetypes. Emanuel Schulz uses this knowledge for the corporate world to compose corporate music that perfectly expresses the specific qualities of your company. In this way, together we increase their reach and their customer identification.

2. Individual Composition – “Your personal note”

“Experience the unique sound of your personality with an exclusive, tailor-made composition.”

Photo: Nadia Petrakova

According to your wishes and the result of the musical self-discovery test, your individual composition can support your strongest qualities, but also compensate your weaknesses. SchulzArchetypeMusic opens up undreamt-of possibilities for you.

Your personal, tailor-made composition strengthens

  • Self-confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-love
  • Self-respect

    It can also increase your energy level and free you from anxiety.

“Your personal note”

Based on the result of the musical self-discovery test and the client’s own musical preferences, Emanuel Schulz sets the client’s personality to music. Like the protagonist of a film, the client receives his own theme music.

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Emanuel Schulz has decoded the connection between music and archetypes.

People believe they know these archetypes from art, films or mythology. In reality, however, they are part of our own identity. As an important part of our unconscious, archetypes are the basic principles of our own lives – which is why people identify so strongly with them.

As soon as music awakens the archetypes in us, we embark on a fascinating journey into our inner world.

In this way, your exclusive, customised composition can touch your innermost being and enrich your life in undreamed-of ways.