Seminars - Schulz Archetype Music

Corporate Seminars

Teambuilding Seminars

SchulzArchetypeMusic offers unique corporate seminars based on the connection between music and psychological personality traits. The famous Swiss psychologist C. G. Jung refers to these qualities of the unconscious as archetypes.

Music as an analysis tool

With the help of a specially developed Musical Personality Test you will discover your strongest qualities (archetypes) and those of your colleagues.

The following group exercises help the team to recognise and strengthen the qualities of the individual members. It is a fun way to make teamwork smooth and efficient.

Foto: Elisabeth Schulz


  • Decoding the archetypal qualities of the team members
  • Increasing respect between team members
  • Strengthening self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Increasing team spirit
  • Stress management

This new method enables all participants to discover their strongest qualities. Each team member receives his or her personal combination, mythical name and personal task. This task tells him how to integrate these qualities into his everyday life. The collective experience of the archetypes through group exercises helps to recognise each of the other participants as an important and irreplaceable member of the team.

Leadership Seminar

Through the personality test you also learn which archetypes are suited to lead a group. This insight enables you to remain authentic as a team leader.

Music as a role model

The orchestra is a role model for the team, the conductor a role model for the team leader. The musical personality test will show that there are several archetypes that can be considered as potential team leaders.

One-day seminar (one morning and one afternoon session):

  • The first part serves to identify the strongest archetypes of the participants.
  • The second part is followed by the development and deepening of this experience with the help of music and group exercises.

SchulzArchetypeMusic is suitable for both small and large groups.

Health Seminars

Feelharmony – Healing Music

Emanuel Schulz and Elisabeth Schulz also offer health and stress management seminars. These are based on the healing effect of music on our nervous system and our brain.

  • Mental Health Seminars combine Schulz Archetype Method and Indian Music Therapy, in order to improve our wellbeing and health.
  • Stressmanagement Seminars use the healing power of specially composed music for relaxing our nervous system and brain. The Archetype Music composed by Emanuel Schulz have a particularly healing effect on body and mind.

Photo: Oliver Pokorny

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and
not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.
WHO, definition of health and well-beeing.